Contacts go in the Trash!

contact lensIt seems that contact lens use is on the rise, and they are contributing to the problem of micro-plastics in waterways because idiots like me throw them in the toilet or sink rather than the garbage.

According to the findings, presented Sunday at the 256th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, anywhere from six to 10 metric tonsof plastic lenses end up in United States wastewater annually. Because of the way wastewater is treated, all that plastic ends up contributing to microplastic pollution currently building up in waterways, which eventually makes its way into the food chain. It’s an especially timely problem as the use of contact lenses is steadily rising.

I remember one day, when I was living in Toronto, right having flossed my teeth and flushed the floss down the toilet, reading in an international publication about how the city of Toronto was having a major problem filtering dental floss from the waste water. I felt like whoever wrote the article had written it just for me, right then. Guilty as charged! I stopped throwing my floss in the toilet right there and then.

And here I just read about another terrible trash problem I’m contributing to! I had never really thought about it. Now that I am enlightened, I will henceforth dispose of them properly. You do the same please!

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