There is no dark side of the moon.

There is however, a far side of the moon, and the Chinese have now landed there.

(Video from The Telegraph)

As I mentioned in the previous post, space exploration seems to be heating up. The latest news is China plopping a lander, named the Chang’e 4, on the far side (AKA the dark side) of the moon.

They’re going to do some pretty far out experiments; growing potatoes in a  box, which also currently contain silkworm eggs.

The idea is that the eggs will hatch and their oxygen will feed the potatoes. They hope to discover the effects of low gravity on the growth of vegetables as well as they quality of the silk spun by the silkworms.

They’re planning to start up a cottage industry in outer space potatoes and space silk blouses. …no, not really.

They’re looking to see how viable it is to put a base on the moon from which to explore further reaches of space. They also note, that it is a good place from which to explore space as there is no electrical interference from the Earth on the side of the moon facing away from us.

They released the first image today.

The first image from China’s lunar lander. Credit: AP

China lunar mission: probe makes historic landing on far side of moon

Where do babies come from?

Where do babies come from?

Whoops! Not there!

Ok, seriously, how could you be an adult and not where you are suppose to stick your dick to make a baby?

The Metro, always a source of the most absurd tales (where do they find this stuff?), is reporting that a Chinese couple were trying to have a baby for 4 years, and finally went to a doctor to ask why they weren’t conceiving.

The doctor then does an examination on the woman, only to discover she can stick 3 fingers up the woman’s butt (what?!), and enquires what that’s all about. Lo and behold, they’ve been having anal sex, trying to make a baby, for years.

How can you be an adult in this day and age and not know how to make baby? Cavemen did it, and they didn’t even have internet porn. This really can not be true.

How does this strange tale end? Well, the couple go on home, have sex the (other) way Mother Nature intended, and a baby is on the way just weeks later!

And as what I can only presume is some sort of symbolic gesture, the doctor for her troubles receives from the couple 100 eggs and a chicken!

Not the actual chicken!

Source: Couple trying to conceive for four years had mistakenly been having anal sex