Learn how to be a Moped Mugger

Yesterday I spotted this amusing bit of street art in Soho:

Learn to be a Moped Mugger

London is, of course, going through a bit of a moment with moped crime, as young hooligans come to realise their power in numbers and how being brazen is a path to short-term gains. It is truly depressing that this is how the urban youth are spending their time – terrorising people with violence and gangs.

Anyway, the address and phone number on this poster leads to Foka Wolf Academy, presumably an art collective with a lot of other fun stuff available. That particular poster is available for £40.

I’d also like to mention that when I was taking that photo, I was pushing my bike and treating myself to a bit of onigiri sushi, and like the moped gangs taking advantage of distracted people, some homeless guy who smelled of urine and was covered in a layer of dirt, with a grungy sleeping bag over his shoulder, and sporting a raggedy Jesus beard tried to literally take the sushi out of my hand. I jerked away and he lunged at me again, I said “fuck off” and I was literally shaking at the intrusion. He lurched towards me yet again, and I leaned my bike against my leg and reached into my bag pocket where I keep my u-lock when I cycle (admittedly for both easy access and and self-defence), I think he saw what I was going for and he said “fuck off” back to me and wandered away finally.

I was genuinely rattled by the experience. Being confronted on the street as you go about your business by a gang of moped driving self-entitled thugs with machetes and acid would be truly terrifying.