Adam Khedheri

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Actor | Voiceovers | Musician | Writer

Actor | Voiceovers | Musician | Writer

Hailing originally from Canada’s picturesque Atlantic coast, Adam Khedheri is currently based in London, UK, where he works as an actor, voiceover artist, and writer, with forays into music production on the side.

Adam is out-going, personable, and fun and loves all aspects of the creative process.

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Adam has performed in videos for companies like Sony, HP, and Expedia, as well as appearing as characters such as police officer, father, lover, and lawyer in multiple TV programs, such as The Will, and 50 Ways to Kill your Lover.  Spotlight

His rich, deep, sonorous voice can be heard in productions for companies like DHL, PWC, Hue, and Air Canada, as well as the film Kill your Friends and the video game Hitman 2. Mandy Voices

Over the years, he has played in countless bands as a guitarist, synth player, bassist, singer, and songwriter. Currently, he’s working solo on his own musical projects. Soundcloud

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Adam can bring character, class, and style to your project, whether it be corporate, animation, e-learning, video games, or anything in between.

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